Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Bog Man and His Secret Garden – the story of Rob Sacilotto and why our hobby should become so much more than growing plants for pleasure


Rob Sacilotto and some of his many Sarracenia. Photo: © Patricia Lyons, reproduced here with the permission of Garden & Gun Magazine, whom I thank for their generosity.

This story is very inspiring to read: http://gardenandgun.com/article/bog-man-and-his-secret-garden

I saw a link to this story via The Sarracenia forum, and simply had to share it here. This story is about the co-founder and current operator of the CP nursery, Botanique, which I gather must be one of the best Sarracenia production nurseries out there.

Just as it is said that charity begins at home, so does conservation. Rob had the foresight and integrity to spend much of his teen years busily collecting plants that were due to be extirpated by development. His dedication in keeping these plants alive is astounding, especially given the obstacles he has been through in the process.

In my opinion anyway, cultivation is an under-utilised method of conservation. While having to rely on cultivated plants to conserve species is certainly less than ideal (Rob’s non-profit botanic gardens – http://www.charlottesvillebotanicalgarden.org/ – also recognises that there is no substitute for the wild), but remember this is not an ideal world.

My hat is off to you for your vision, Mr Sacilotto. May your work be very truly appreciated for the genius that it is.