Thursday, February 7, 2013

Australasian CP Society Sale & Show is on! 2-10 March 2013


This is the NSW and ACT region’s major carnivorous plant event and the easiest way to get collectable carnivorous plants at very fair prices. Plants are sold by members of the Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society, who collectively have excellent representation of most carnivorous plant varieties.

Regular attendees and the plants they specialise in include:

  • Greg Bourke (Captive Exotics): Nepenthes species & hybrids
  • Peter & Jessica Biddlecombe: Nepenthes, Drosera (D. regia?) &
    Darlingtonia seedlings pre-hardened to Sydney’s climate
  • Gordon & Lyn Hanna: Sarracenia, including the best S. leucophylla money can buy, & Nepenthes
  • Philippe Reytter: magnificent Sarracenia spp. & hybrids (including difficult to get varieties like S. flava atropurpurea), Cephalotus, pygmy Drosera & Dionaea/VFTs
  • Helmut Kibelis: Pinguicula species & hybrids, & Drosera regia
  • Richard Sullivan: magnificent African and Queensland Drosera, jumbo-sized Dionaea/VFTs & occasionally Darlingtonia & Sarracenia

All in all, there are usually some really good plants available, and at very reasonable prices. And as if this wasn’t enough, Stewart Macpherson & Greg Bourke will be showing films of their latest exploits, and Greg will be sharing his experiences in how to grow carnivorous plants of all types.

So come along and support your local CP society, swap stories and growing hints, and pick up some nice plants!

Settling into their new home!


Happy 2013! We are finally settled into our new house, and the Sarracenia are finally settling in too. True to form, we picked one of the hottest summers ever to move, and the collection had to cope with several days of 40*C heat. Pitchers and live Sphagnum burned at the tips, but everything has adjusted quickly to the new conditions and are looking marvellous.