Sarracenia flava

var. flava (green-yellow pitcher with venation in throat and hood only)
ex Helmut Kibelis 2009; imported as Slack's Maxima
ex Greg Bourke via RSBG sales at ICPS 2008 conference, Sydney
ex Helmut Kibelis, 2009 (giant clone growing to >90 cm)
ex Gotcha! Plants, 2009 (several)
ex Triffid Park as "var. rugellii", 2010 (or a veined var. rugellii - depends how you define rugellii)
various seed grown plants maturing, crosses made in 2011, sown 2012.

flava var. atropurpurea (all red pitcher with tan interior)
Phil Reytter's vigorous clone (sold as a var. cuprea)
FRT 1-1, ex David Martin 2010-2011 (flower shows signs of leucophylla introgresseion; ex Fred Howell seed, 1980s)
FRT 1-5, ex David Martin, 2010-11 (ex Fred Howell seed, 1980s)
Blackwater SF (3 clones)
FRT 1-1 x flava var. rubricorpora "Gotcha! Plants Giant"
FRT 1-1 x self
South Coast NSW clone

flava var. cuprea (pitcher variable but with strong copper/red lid contrasting with rest of pitchers' colour)
F1, ex David Martin, 2010
Gotcha! Plants heavy veined
Helmut Kibelis' clone

flava var. maxima (greenish-yellow pitcher, no red markings)
Honeysuckle Road (2 clones), ex Ron Abernethy, 2010
Ex Owen, 2015/2016

flava var. ornata (greenish-yellow pitcher with red venation all over pitcher)
ex Peter & Jessica Biddlecombe, heavy vein, large lid, 2008
seed grown, unknown parents crossed in 2011, sown 2012.

flava var. rubricorpora (red or orange pitcher, green-yellow lid)
Gotcha! giant (ex Gotcha! plants)
Helmut's red tube (ex Helmut Kibelis)
Paradisea red tube (ex Collector's Corner/Paradisea)
Sydney clone (ex Steve Amoroso)
FRT 1 (ex Fly Free Zone, 2010)
Phil Reytter's red tube, ex AUSCPS Christmas meeting, 2011

flava var. rugellii (green-yellow pitcher with red throat blotch, no venation)
seed grown, ex Gotcha! Plants, 2009.
ex Phil Reytter, 2010.
ex Owen, 2017
Some seed grown plants in development, from var. rugellii parents crossed in 2011, sown 2012.

Sarracenia leucophylla
'Tarnok', ex Gotcha! Plants, 2009.
"Pink English", ex Gordon & Lyn Hanna, Mt Tomah 2014.
large white windows, ex Owen, Collector pumpkin festival, 2015
red striped sides, ex Owen, 2015
Assorted clones added April 2016 ex Owen
'David Bowie' ex Owen

Sarracenia x moorei backcross - 'David Martin' ex Fly Free Zone (David Martin) & via Gotcha! Plants.

Cephalotus follicularis
Reytter's green clone

binata var. dichotoma, Lithgow NSW form
binata var. dichotoma 'Golden Giant' (ex Living Traps)
binata cv. 'Marston Dragon' (as Marston Mill, ex Living Traps)
binata var. dichotoma f. extrema (ex Gotcha! Plants as weed in Sarracenia)
binata 'T-form' (ex Paradisea as weed in Sarracenia)
capensis var. typical
palaecaea ssp. roseacea
rotundifolia 'Lake Wohink form'
burmannii 'Beerwah form' (ex Fly Free Zone)
filiformis ssp. filiformis
filiformis "Florida Red"

Dionaea muscipula
Currently reconsolidating after transition from bog gardens to pots

Nepenthes - species
ampullaria - green (terrarium)
ampullaria - red (terrarium)
ventricosa - porcelain pitchers, red peristome - ex Living Traps, 2008 (QLD collection)
truncata - ex Gotcha! Plants (QLD collection)
alata "boschiana" - ex Fly Free Zone (QLD collection)

Nepenthes - hybrids
x hookeriana, Triffid Park clone (terrarium)
rokko - Biddlecombe clone
sanguinea x ramispina "red lantern"
maxima x veitchii - ex Exotica Plants via Big W, 1997 (QLD collection)
tobaica x thorellii - ex Exotica Plants via Fly Free Zone, 1999 (QLD collection)
truncata x campanulata - ex Exotica Plants via Gotcha! Plants, 2016 (QLD collection).