Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a couple of more flava photos...

Been too busy with things - work, gardening, admiring the plants - and neglecting the blog. Went up to Sydney the other weekend and added another two plants to the collection - a nice veined flava var. cuprea and a different clone of flava var. rugelli from Jessica Biddlecombe - thanks Jessica! Both have been repotted and are settling in well. Also added a misting system to the hothouse to try and keep temperatures in check.

I also finally managed to get into town during lunch and got a new hard drive, so photo storage is now much easier. Here are a couple more photos, with a promise of more to come.

This is probably the best S. flava var. flava I have. It has some sentimental value, as I brought it at the ICPS conference in Sydney, 2008. It was grown from seed by Greg Bourke of Captive Exotics fame, and then donated to the Sydney Botanic Gardens for their displays. The gardens then sold cuttings during the conference, of which this piece was the best. The lid venation is really quite unique.

This plant is a nice Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora - often referred to as a flava red tube. What makes this particular plant special is the lid, which reddens as the season progresses. This photo was taken a couple of weekends back, and it has reddened further since. Last year, the entire lid became almost solid red. This is its second season in my collection, and it is about 40 cm tall. It will be redder than this next year - it is half sulking because it was repotted a couple of months back. Still, it got some red to it, which is not always the case with var. rubricorpora that have just been repotted, so I should not complain.

More to come soon - next installment will be some interesting flava var. cuprea from Gotcha! Plants...