Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sarracenia flava var. flava - heavy vein

Data at a glance...

Latin name                     Sarracenia flava var. flava
Clone name                    Heavy vein
Acquired                         Multiple - this specimen, February 2009.
Pitcher flush pattern      3: 0: P (Sp: Su: Au)
Growth strength             Strong
Division types                Meristem division at flowering; 1+ node growths/year.

Pitcher description
Lid with filament under-developed, golden yellow with red venation on both surfaces. Throat with no rugellii-type markings, vertical red stripe present and radiating into numerous red veins extending into lid and upper pitcher tube. Pitcher tube golden-yellow, interior red venation visible through pitcher wall. Flower yellow, flava scented.

This plant is often sold as a S. flava var. ornata, but I don't consider it to be one because the venation is limited in its extent. It is a nice plant, but if disturbed by repotting it will create at least one deformed pitcher before settling back into growth. The deformation is unusual - the pitcher looks crinkled or has impressions like the tube has been pushed in by someones' thumb.