Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sarracenia flava var. ornata - Living Traps heavy vein (+ var. maxima?)

Data at a glance...

Latin name                           Sarracenia flava var. ornata
Clone name                          Living Traps ornata heavy vein
Acquired                               Summer 2010, ex Living Traps via Canberra retail nursery
Pitcher flush pattern            3+: few: P (Sp: Su: Au) 
Growth strength                   ?; immature
Division types                      No division noted as yet.

Pitcher description
Lid with filament under-developed, green-yellow with maroon venation, margin not undulating. Throat without rugellii-type purple-red markings, thin vertical stripe present and radiating onto lid and upper pitcher tube. Pitcher tube green-yellow, marked with stong, vertical maroon veins. Flower unknown.

This clone was, surprisingly, found at a garden center. It struggled with Canberra's low humidity all last season, but has come up beautifully this year. I am not sure whether the green pitchers represent a growth point that was not happy with being repotted, or a TC mutation where veins have been lost. I am rather hoping for the latter - S. flava var. maxima are scarce in Australia for some reason. However, I am not holding my breath because new pitchers have tended to show weak venation that disappears quickly. Sarracenia flava var. ornata are also uncommon here - many people have a heavy veined plant that looks like S. flava, but which seems to have S. oreophila in it as well. Another, weakly veined plant grown here is sold as S. flava var. ornata, but I consider it S. flava var. flava at best. The two clones that Living Traps have released so far are a very welcome addition.