Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spring photos round 1…

After a rather depressing post lat last month, I’m pleased to be able to share some more impressive photos. My Sarracenia flava are putting on a magnificent show right now, with possibly even more flowers still yet to open! Here is just a taste of what is going on:


These are Sarracenia flava var. flava putting on a joint show.

S_flava_ornata_Biddlecombe_Heavy_Red_b S_flava_ornata_Biddlecombe_Heavy_Red

These are one of my favourite plants (and their first time on the blog). Sarracenia flava var. ornata '”Biddlecombe heavy red”. This is not the heavy veined S. flava x oreophila that many people grow – the lid is smaller and the flower different. The petals in these photos are only just opened – no pollen was yet falling when I took the photo – so they are still a little on the broad side. The narrow into the characteristic form of S. flava (photos coming tomorrow – these were taken last weekend). This plant also has far heavier venation than its hybrid doppelganger and develops a red flush as the pitchers age.


And the show stopper – Sarracenia alabamensis ssp. wherryi with 21 flower buds preparing to open. This should be impressive in a week or so when the flowers open!

More to come tomorrow – its a public holiday here, so more photos should be forthcoming.

Also, check out the Blog Zone 6B. It has some very inspirational bog garden information. I’ve had two bog gardens previously, but nothing comparable to what is shown there!

More to come…