Saturday, June 20, 2015

There’s always room for one more…

One more bog garden that is! I bit the bullet this afternoon and brought myself another 1.1 m (4 foot) diameter pond. Probably a bit on the big size for how many plants I need to find a home for, but I figured it would be an idea to leave some room for new plants. Now I just need a trailer load of gravel to level up the ground and a set of drainage fittings from the local hydro shop and I’m off and running.

For this last bog, I am planning on not introducing Sphagnum to it, and will instead allow rosette and pygmy Drosera and Utricularia to have free run. This is relative to the other gardens, which are quickly producing luxuriant, billowy cushions of moss that quickly swallow up growing space for plants like Drosera pygmaea. Interestingly though, D. burmanni and the other rosette sundews I have grow well on live Sphagnum, almost like they are crowd surfing! The Sarracenia that will be calling it home are all variants of  S. flava or S. leucophylla, plus one miniature flava look-a-like cross.

As the gear I need is not available till late this week coming, expect some new posts next Saturday on progress of the new garden. In the meantime, I will busy myself preparing the watering system for a windbreak I am planting around the bog garden site.

Happy growing till then.