Friday, July 17, 2015

Major update to my how-to repot and divide page – take a look!

Overcutting growth point on rhizome  Undercutting growth point  cleaned

As promised, I’ve just posted a major update to my page on how to repot Sarracenia and set them up for the seasons ahead. The revised version is more practical in focus and features pics of how to do everything. There is also a section featuring rhizomes behaving badly, showing what craziness rhizomes can get up to and how to fix the problems they can get themselves into. You can see the update here:

I will also be going through the popular How to grow Sarracenia to perfection pages over the next little while and doing some more updates, as it is already five years ago that I wrote them.

I hope this helps. Email me if you want to see something in particular covered off that is not on there or needs amendment.

Happy growing!