Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Collector Pumpkin (and carnivorous plant!) festival, 1 May 2016 (Collector, NSW)

Last I blogged, it was about the magnificent plants grown by Owen at Goulburn, NSW. He is a master grower – see for yourself:

Sarracenia leucophylla, Owen O'Neil's collection

Some of Owen’s awesome Sarracenia leucophylla! 

Venus's flytraps, Dionea muscipula

For scale, this monster sized fangster is being grown in a 90 mm pot.

Owen tells me he will be selling plants (Sarracenia, flytraps and sundews) at the Collector Pumpkin Festival, which is being held on 1 May 2016 at the town of Collector, about 30 minutes north of Canberra. It is held at the town of Collector, about half an hour north of Canberra and two hours south of Sydney. In addition to Owen’s plants, there are plenty of home made cakes, preserves and other goodies, plus music, arts and crafts. It should make for a good day out for everyone. My advice would be to arrive as early as possible, as parking is very soon at a premium!

Click here for general information on the event itself and here for the event webpage. Its pretty easy to get to – from Canberra, head north on the Federal Highway and turn left at Collector. From Sydney, head south on the Hume Highway, passing Goulburn and making sure your veer left onto the Federal Highway about 10 minutes after you pass the Goulburn McDonalds turnoff. Continue on the Federal Highway until just past the end of the point-to-point speed cameras, taking the turn to the right to enter Collector from the north.